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Winner: Kalilah Iles

“I did it because my grandmother is in the high-risk category and I wanted her to be as protected as possible.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Seelina Rampersad

“The reason why I took the vaccine is to prevent the spread of virus to my family and also as a form of protection to myself.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Jaskaran Seejattan

“I did it because I am an educator and I had to do the responsible thing to protect my students, colleagues, family and myself.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Danny Phillip

“I took the vaccine because I believe there was a measure of protecting me during this pandemic and thus far I haven’t contracted the Covid virus.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Dimioula Pacheco

“I took the shot to increase the chance of protecting my family, my classmates, everybody around me so I took the shot and I’m happy with my choice.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Simone Ramrattan

“I chose to get vaccinated because I am a frontline worker and I needed to protect myself as well as my family”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Arnold Chotilal

“I took the shot to protect myself and my family, Most importantly to protect my daughter, who was born in February 2020 in the height of the pandemic. It was a scary time being a new parent, so I did what I had to do to protect her.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Sandra Griffith

“I took the vaccine because I wanted to be protected and also for my family to be protected. I also like to travel and I know I would not be able to travel without it”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Maria

“I got vaccinated to protect my loved ones.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Jeanelle Clarke

“I chose to get vaccinated as part of my social responsibility and also to protect my family and those around me.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Natoya Davis

“I took this shot because of my two boys, I want them to be safe, I want them to get back to life because they are home and they are like Mommy I want to go out. And I know I have to come to work everyday, that’s why I took the shot.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Winner: Jennifer Wade

“I took this shot because of the line of work I am in, and to protect others.”

Prize: $5,000TTD gift card

Grand Prize

“I got Jabbed because…”
Winner: To be announced

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